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I edit novels, short stories, essays, research papers, website content, proposals, letters, resumes, promotional materials... the list goes on. I have the capacity to edit, proofread, or copy edit, according to your preference.


Specializing in historical research, I also focus on practical qualitative research. I have the capacity and skill base to research most topics, excluding statistical and scientific research.


I do photography, transcription, as well as layout of novels, magazines, and gaming modules.

Editing & Proofreading


Fiona is a “mostly sane” photographer, freelance editor, researcher, and do-er of things. Born in England and transplanted to Canada's capital region by her Canadian parents, she now resides in the small town of South Mountain, Ontario with nine cats, and a multitude of skeletons. She has a university degree in History, and a college diploma in Interactive Media Management. In her spare time, she plays the bagpipes, tenor drum, and bass drum (not all at the same time) for the Kemptville Legion, Branch 212, Pipes & Drums, carves soapstone, talks to cats, Steampunks, communes with nature in her backyard sanctuary, and terrorizes local children on Hallowe’en as The Witch of South Mountain.


I love nature, and feel a strong connection to the natural world - which can inspire us with beauty, and challenge us with the very cycle of life and death which all of us must face. I see these as two sides of the same coin, and this insight inspires my photography, but it also underpins the other services that I offer my clients. 






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